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What subscribers say...

Wayne Stephenson

Great channel — really useful. I found you through a layering Nashville guitar video. I've dabbled with it, but now I'll use it in my recordings. Such a great sound. 

Dave Gordon

Thank god I stumbled onto this guy...he is without question the best teacher on the internet. If you are a songwriter or you have a home studio YOU MUST SUBSCRIBE. 

Victor Hugo D

What a singer, what a song... what a teacher. Thank you so much, keep posting.

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Robert Cassard
Musician • Guitarist • Singer Songwriter • Producer

I've been playing guitar, singing and writing since I was a kid. Started making money on gigs in 6th grade and never stopped, journeying through rock, solo acoustic, jazz, classical and various hybrids along the way.

My live music career has been balanced by equal time in the studio, recording my own music and recording and producing the music of other talented artists. 


I learned long ago that magic happens when you match your creative process with the right vibe and the right tools. So Guitar Discoveries, Voice Discoveries and Recording Discoveries are my musical "tool talk" series. They're where I share the awesome guitars, accessories, tips, tricks and singing and recording techniques I've discovered during decades of performing, recording and mixing.


Musical exploration and collaboration are how I have fun and share experiences and excitement. I hope you find plenty of inspiration here that benefits you and the people around you.

Spread music = spread love.

From a multi-Grammy-winning producer:
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New Single — 2018

Get This ( Remastered & Expanded) 

Over the Line (Remastered)

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New Single — 2018

Get This ( Remastered & Expanded) 

Over the Line (Remastered)


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